I ask that you grant your children salvation Lord

by Dorothy (Texas)

Dear God, as I come to you this evening, I ask that you grant your children salvation Lord, forgive us as we move forward, teach us your way & give us the strength we need to live a life according to your will. Bless us Lord, and keep us safe from harm. Bless our Country Lord that we may learn to get along as people and treat each other with kindness and respect. Lord, help us all because we are needing to be delivered from our sins. Give us a sign letting us know that you are walking the Earth and you see everything that is going on good and bad. Teach us to love more and erase the hatred in most of our hearts. Comfort the sick and take care of the poor, bless those who have lost their way, bless those who are sick and shut in. Bless those who have been abused and misused. Teach us to help others and love our neighbors as we do ourselves. Help our children Lord, because they are headed down a road of destruction. Make me whole again in Jesus name. Lord I pray for the World tonight, and ask that you continue to keep my heart good and forgive me of my many sins. I want to live a God fearing life and with you as the head of my life, I know that I can and will prosper, in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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