I ask God to grant me employment

by Teresa Oosthuizen (South Africa)

I have laid my miracle prayer before God and now I ask all the angels and saints and the Virgin Mary and YOU my brothers and sisters to please pray for me. I am unemployed and facing homelessness. Apartment 711 has been vacant for one year. I ask God to grant me employment with the company that owns it so I may have both employment and the apartment granted to me. This 711 miracle is a great miracle request for me and my child. I need a job and I need a home. I have sent a letter to the big boss of the company and my request is for God to stir the fire in their souls to give me work and give me this empty apartment. PLEASE. I beg of all of you please pray for me. URGENTLY. I don’t want to be a homeless statistic. I want to work I want a home. PLEASE.

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