I ask for your blessed healing

Dear Lord you know the struggles in my life. right now there is a whirlwind of emotions running through my mind. It feels as though everything is spiraling our of control. financially, mentally, emotionally and physically I ask for your blessed healing.

I ask you to remove the negative feelings from my heart and bring me peace to help me through each day. I ask that you would speak to my heart and mind and allow me to see that there is a reason for the trials which were set in motion at the beginning of this year. Lord help me to see that I am worth more and that this life is not all there is for me. Help me to not feel so alone, broken and abandoned everyday.

I ask that you would help me to feel I have a purpose in this world and guide me in the path that you have chosen for me. I continue to pray for my enemies and those who have hurt me.

Lord that you will bring change to their heart, blessings of peace and joy to them and peace in my heart where they are concerned. In Jesus’ name I ask it all. Amen.