I ask for prayers for my family who is going through many challenges

by D (TX)

I ask for prayers for my family who is going through many challenges. I pray for my father and mother’s relationship. God please oversee and heal their deep wounds from their own family relationships and past hurts and may there be peace, love, respect, understanding, and gentleness. Help my father heal in his grief of losing his father and help him to regain his personal power in You, Lord, to be able to speak up and care for himself again. Help my mother heal the traumatic wounds of her childhood and help her have forgiveness for herself and those that have hurt and wronged her – may she live in peace and love for herself and those close to her heart. If it is meant that they continue living their lives on separate paths, I pray God that you give them the discernment, clarity, courage, and strength to follow Your will and make their transition one of peace, harmony, balance, and respect. Heavenly Father, please bring healing to my relationships with my parents – help me to forgive them for the times that they have hurt me and help them cultivate forgiveness for themselves and of me. Help us to grow and evolve to a higher place of love, respect, peace, harmony, joy, fulfillment, healing, acceptance, support, nourishment, forgiveness, understanding, patience, kindness, caring, loving communication, and fortitude for each other. Help me to forgive the family member who sexually abused me as a child. Heavenly Father, help me to release the pain, suffering, anger, and hatred that resides deep within me, not only to the abuser but also towards myself. Help me to transform this through Your unconditional love so that my inner children will no longer live in trauma but trust my adult self to protect them and love them. Lord, I want to start living and thriving in life. I pray for my brother and sister, that they too may also have deep healing between our parents and may we break free of any unhealthy and painful patterns that keep us bound in suffering and darkness. I pray for all this in your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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