I ask for healing, PLEASE!!

by Katie (USA)

Dear God our Heavenly Father, Mother Mary, Jesus Christ and all of the Angels & Archangels in Heaven and all around me now and around my family too. Our Guardian Angels & all angels to me and my family along with Ryan and his family too!!

I ask for such great healing for my health. For 2 years I have had this red line on my eye and I read, what is this red line on my eye, on the internet, its more health issues that have not been taken care of 🙁 !!! I am getting extremely annoyed here. We have no money and I really need a dentist, an eye doctor, and other doctors but not just for me for my parents, my younger sister too.

I need my health taken care of. Digestive issues and hormonal problems after I had a bowel blockage 2 years ago. I’m disabled and everyday I feel that I am suffering and struggling with so much in life. I can’t take it. There are times where I want to give up and times I do not want to. I’m just needing major help and really badly too. Its just so annoying to deal with these problems everyday, 12 years for being disabled and 2 years for the digestive issues and over 1 year for the hormonal problem & weight gain and 10 months for not having my angel with me in my life. Ryan… yes my angel, I say! My healer! Please pray for us to be cured and to understand that we both really do need each other. If we want ultimate absolute happiness in our lives then we should be together to help each other out with every single thing in life. Through thick & thin, Sickness and in health, for richer & poorer, literally through all of life’s journeys.

When I had Ryan in my life I didn’t worry of these problems and just felt at peace and was cured, was ACTUALLY happy with my life! I don’t have that now. I wish so much that Ryan understood that I do really love him with my heart & soul, and yes my life. I wish to be happy like he said to me “you deserve the happiest life I really care about you” I take that and keep it inside of my heart!! He said that to me and I say that to him (well I want to, to his face)..

We’ve all got our problems but all of mine can be cured with help with money so I and the rest of my family here can see a dentist, eye doctor and an actual doctor. I’m really fed up that all the doctor visits I have had were either for surgery or to check on my shunt or possibly to get a refill on my medication, but really just talking u______u .. only really focusing on the shunt thing though.. More medication to take for the problem to be cured but just gives me more problems, like when I had to take antibiotics for the shunt infection on my chest, it inflamed all of my joints so I couldn’t workout and it even bugged me to sit or lay down for long.

I hate my life and just need help. Help with all of my health issues that I have had for so so long already. And help with getting prayers answered already so we can get money to go to a dentist and an eye doctor. Would be wonderful as ever, really really would!! Then be cured with everything and go to Louisiana to see if Ryan is okay and out of harms way because I want to move to Louisiana and help him out with everything & anything in life.

I swear to you God and all of Heaven, I really really do care about Ryan wholeheartedly and want him to be okay and I want myself and the rest of my family to be okay too and to not have to suffer with anything. Especially me & my father with health issues (pay bills if we had money, I have lots of medical bills & so does my dad).. U_U … please help, please.

Thank you ever so much, Amen

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