I ask again that the stress and tension that I am experiencing will go away , Lord

i ask again that the stress and tension that i am experiencing from having to

have surgery for cancer not affect me again to the level that i could not/can

not swallow..it isa terrifying experience, enough to seek medical help in the

emergency room..i so pray that i get the needed surgery and that i do not have

serious complications from it…stroke/ blood clot, ect..thank you for your

prayers…in your name Jesus, I ask this.please be with me and my family

when i have to have the surgeries and that i recover totally. please take of my

son, who is carrying so much worry through this

jesus, i continue to ask your intercession, help me to breath better with my

copd, cure me of this bladder cancer, carry me through the operations ahead,

keep me well safe and alive…please keep my son in the protection of your love

and take care of him……in your name jesus, i pray and ask and thank you for

your saving and protecting graces. my health, especially the copd and inability

to breath is worsening…please..i ask you help improve my breathing, and cure

the mass in my bladder, erase the diabetes
gracious and kind jesus,,,please help me be able to get the air into my lungs so

that i can breath, so i dont have to go through the anxiety and i can sleep with

peace, i have my body failing me with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure

and copd…the copd is a struggle for air, i dont have the ability to inhale as

much as i need to feel my lungs working…please, i beg you, provide the air i

need, cleanse ny body of this bladder mass, control my diabetes…please be

merciful and grant my pleadings..they say ypu work miracles…please do the

same for me, i dont mean to be greedy, just to live out my final days with my

son whom i love so much. in your name Jesus, i beg you, and grant your

mercy to others as you see