I am trusting in you Oh Lord God Almighty

by Edith (Mitchellville, MD. USA)

I need you Lord every second. I cannot live without you I need your healing hands on my mother Margaret for her failing eyesight and for the sick people in this world Please heal her for me and the whole world Bless her and give her long life Please God help me get my money so I can pay my debts and go and spend quality time with her. Bless my son Christopher with Good sense of directions towards you, good health and job. Bless my brothers and sisters cousins, aunts, uncles and grands. Bless all their children Bless my whole family and friends and the whole world. Bless our Pope and all our clergys and all your Holy churches. Please Bless the sick,the dying, the lonely,the orphans, the widow and the widower. Bless the destitute Please provide Peace in time of war and where there is chaos. Please God bless me and this world. Thank you for hearing my cries Amen

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