I am Selling Our Home, Please pray for it to be sold

by Grace (USA)

Please pray for our house to sell. Our house has been on the market since Mar 2012. In Feb 2012, my husband got a promotion and was moved to Washington state. My four children and myself stayed here in Colorado to finish the school year and pack and get the house ready.

My oldest graduated from high school, and the other three finished school and all the sports activities.

We had many showings…and it has fallen off. In March I got a St. Joseph statue and buried him in the front close to the house. I have since bought a second and buried him in the back (upside down) as well as moving the one in the front close to the road and sign (upside down).

Things picked up, but still no offers. It is September now, my two oldest are living with their father in Washington (hotel for free~husband runs). The little ones are here in Colorado with me back in school.

I am begging for help in prayer for us to sell the house and be able to all move to Washington and bring our family back together. We cannot afford to leave the house empty paying the bills and rent another home. My husbands boss will not pay for storage and does not want the whole family plus pets in the hotel.

Please…pray for us that a qualified buyer comes and makes an offer this September month. The idea of staying here through winter and the holidays apart is overwhelming and stressful on all of us.

Thank you…God bless you! Thru Christ our Lord.


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  1. St Joseph

    Please don’t bury St Joseph upside down. I know that’s what everyone says to do . They are wrong. Treat him with honor and respect. He did take care of Gods only son. Pray to St Joseph for your house to sell. He will aide you.

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