I am praying for my son for his safety

by Lori ()

My son is 27 and is disabled he lives in Flordia . In his own aptment . Well what was his foster mother Betty Bunnell many yrs ago had as of today listed herself as a emerngey contact which shouldn’t be but I guess I can deal . Bc I live at Snow shoe , Pa . Well today Betty Bunnell had called me and started screaming at me as it turns out she was drunk and I told her bc of my high blood pressure I couldn’t deal with her screaming . She did it again then I hung up a few min later she called back and said to me I hope something happends to you . The whole time I was thinking God isn’t going to allow anything to happened to me .

See what scares me is my son Timmy cant deal with any yelling near him at all bc he suffers from seizures yes he takes meds but that would unbalance him which could case him a seizure or take his life . She had called me today at 11am and the time is now 835 and im still very worked up from her . But then I think to myself to think what she does to him !

She informed me that she is very rich so nothing will happened to her that is what she told me that she hoped something does happened to me . Its not right also how she tells untruths .

I will say this no I don’t have a lot of money I bust my butt forever thing I have but I don’t believe her treatment bc she has money is right to treat anyone that way .
Oh I dont no how true it is but today she told me she was a witch .So I told her I am not worried about bc I have GOD then she laughed at me .

I DONT CARE IF YOU HAVE MONEY YOU HAVE TO TREAT PEOPLE RIGHT 24/7 RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG . I pray that something huge happends and sends him up here for I also ask that you ask God to keep him safe and sound please keep her away from him . Thank you very much ,




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