I am praying for many things that is affecting my life right now

by Anonymous (Australia)

I am praying for many things that is affecting my life right now. my financial with regards to my business that has difficulties and i am trying to sale to have a life that I should be enjoying now. The health of my daughter suffer

ring mental illness that is very difficult to handle emotionally, the relationship that I prayed for, a man who believes in GOD, loves my family and me with all all his heart but I broke him off 5 1/2 months ago because of no reasons but at that moment I am feeling confused because he also been having mental illness in the past and been taking medication for 20 years but he is still a good man who always did the right thing for me and always been supportive but then my second break up with him really hearts him and not giving me a chance to reconnect and decided to move on and I am very affected with this decision. I realised I do love him so much in spite of in perfection in him that’s makes me worried, not hundred % healthy but I learned to love him

I believe in GOD and I believe he was the person whom GOD gave to me in my prayers. St Jude please hear my prayer . I am lost and heartbroken. Give me the strenght , guidance and the desires of my heart fulfilled, I need the love of my life back that my relationship with my ex partner will be restored. Pray also that whatever insecurities of pride hurt and ego are healed by our LORD JESUS CHRIST and we together will have a beautiful life with more loving, understanding and will build a better communication to be happy together till the end of time, and and also my business will have a buyer and most importantly my daughters illness will be healed permanently in JESUS ALMIGHTY NAME, AMEN.


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