I am praying for hope regarding my financial situation

by Susan (Fort Stewart Ga)

My Dear Lord, I am praying for hope regarding my financial situation. I pray for more of your wisdom and for hope. I know you will never leave us hungry.I trust in you.Thank you for everything all you done to us and please lord continue to help us.I pray for my husband can find a job soon so we able pay our bills .

I know the power of prayer and will remain faithful to you. Also I pray my sister (Lita) who are recently lose her husband and struggling financially and also her son that has been sick since lose his father, but Lord i know you look up for them.Thank you, my Lord, for all your wonderful blessings.

You my hope and I am a true believer of you. I will continue to praise you always. You are my savior and I dedicate my entire life to serving you, my Lord! In your holy name I pray. AMEN .

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