I am in so much pain that I cannot move on, Lord

by Dms (Philippines)

Dear Lord God, I know i have done things that are wrong. I know i am not perfect but i tried my best to do the things that i think is good. Lord forgive me for hating all the people that hurt me. Guide me to learn how to forgive and forget all the sad things in my life.

I am in so much pain that I cannot move on. I trust in you Lord. Let your will be done in my life. Thank you for every battles that You gave me to make me a stronger person. Thank you for this life. Amen.

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  1. I am in so much pain

    God says that if you have the faith of a mustard seed that you can move mountains. Believe that you are forgiven for all your sins. Because you are. Pray to God to bind the spirit of unforgiveness and the spirit of hatred. Pray for the people who have hurt you and soon you will find peace and comfort. May the Lord bless you and give you faith, peace, hope and comfort. In Jesus’ almighty name. Amen

  2. Raise and give thanks to God

    Reaching out to God is awesome. I have been a sinner & I have felt that my past actions are a result of the circumstances that I may be facing at some point in time. My life as a sinner is over because I reached out to God just as you have. I was familiar with God but not with His teachings. I too had a hard heart towards others & then I learned that having bitterness & unforgiving ways blocked my prayers. I also learned that my faith is the key to all of my trials & tribulations. God has told us all that we need to know about Him & His word, but we also have to apply it to our daily lives & not just when it is convenient. I know that God is with you because you called on Him & have admitted to your sins. Your life will be shown favor & you will be able to move again. My prayers are with you.
    Dear Lord, I ask you to bless this individual with the ability to stand up and also kneel to praise You for Your amazing grace & healing power. I ask you Lord to allow this person to sing & dance to show You glory & praise. I ask you Lord to give this person the confidence & knowledge that their days are not over. I ask You Lord to provide compassion, grace, & favor upon this person so that they will know Your true love for them despite any of their sins. Lord please guide their way of thinking to a higher level of positivity & happiness. Lord please take away their pain, stiffness, & provide them with the ability to move. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and say Amen.

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