I am in need of prayer for a job online or a manager’s job in Ocho Ri

I am in need of prayer for a job online or a manager’s job in Ocho Rios for a business, a villa or to keep and care a house in Mammee Bay, St. Ann’s Bay, Drax Hall, Richmond Estate in Priory. Let God speak to someone who knows me to call my phone now to call me Jeniffer immediately and give me a business to operate as of today or a villa or a house to keep and care and get a salary even now and that God will heal me completely from all evils and sicknesses immediately now and that God will push out all the fibroids into my feaces when I go to the bathroom that all pains in my back, belly, abdomen and menstrual bleeding will stop forever completely heal now and forever, Let Steve who sell Lance the car will get the 100,000 today and pay for the car and come for the car after he pay the money, or let Richie buy the car for 100,000 and scarp it and sell all the parts and that we will get another good driving car from someone to keep and care. Let God open the door for Mr. Williams to call me Jeniffer today to give me the money today immediately today. LetGod speak Mrs. Linton and her son to send and call us for us to get the house to keep and care and to get a salary every week. Let God make a way for Misstom to get a job in Runaway Bay to do housekeeping or To take care of child or a lady 3 days per week and that the person will Nicoy can stop with her in Runaway Bay when she’s working at Runaway Bay. Let Nicoy and LANCE LIVE IN PEACE AT ALL TIMES AND RESPECT EACH OTHER AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT AT ALL TIMES. LET GOD MOVE PETE OUT OF JULIA HOUSE IN USA, LET GRANDPA CALL THE POLICE IN USA TO GET OUT PETE CLARKE OUT OF THE HOUSE IN USATHAT GOVERNMENT IN USA SEND POLICE TO GET PETE OUT OF THE HOUSE AND PUT PETE CLARKE IN PRISON OVER THERE FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE SO THAT HE WILL STOP BEAT JULIA AND THAT JULIA WILL BE ABLE TO HELP HER RELATIVES AT ALL TIMES. LET GOD SPEAK TO A RICH PERSON IN VISTA DELMAR, OCHO RIOS, MAMMEE BAY TO HELP ME AND MY HUSBAND IN FINANCE AND A HOUSE AND A CAR, LET GOD SPEAK TO DOCTOR MIMI KHAING WHEREVER SHE MAY BE TO GET MY NUMBER AND CALL ME AND GIVE ME HER HOUSE TO LIVE AND CARE SO THAT WE WILL MOVE FROM CHESTER. LET GOD SPEAK TO SOMEONE TO GIVE ME SOME MONEY OR TO BUY A CAMERA TODAY EVEN NOW SO THAT I CAN GET SOME MONEY TO BUY MY LUNCH BEFORE 12:NOON TODAY EVEN NOW.

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