I am in need of help, encouragements, support, communication, trust

by Aliyah (Washington DC)

Dear Heavenly Father God,

I come to you today because I am in need of help, encouragements, support, communication, trust, honesty, faithfulness, commitment, and a stronger bond & foundation between me & my partner. I boldly confess I am lost, I’m hurting and he’s hurting, I ask for healing, I ask for you to give me and my partner a clear heart, mind, body, mouth, spirit & soul. Please forgive us both for our sins we’ve committed. Help us leave our mistakes and past behind us. I ask that you come into our lives and create a change in our relationship. We need you Lord. We have no direction, no focus, no trust within each other, I pray that you give us grace. That we can still have a bond that cannot be reckoned with, love that cannot end, care that cannot be forgotten, and a relationship that cannot be destroyed. I ask you to help him let go of his insecurities, anger, guilt, pain & sadness. I ask you can help us stop fighting over small things that don’t matter. Please help us both me and my spouse to understand and listen to one another. Help us support each other, respect each other, never cause harm to one another. Please Lord help us keep you first, help us pray for each other and together. Build our foundation, have standards, be able to get through thick & thin situations. Help us to remain companions, partners. Give us your blessings for marriage, children, success, give us both a big future to look foward to spending with one another. Help us to stop leaving gaps in our relationship, help us make this official (never ending). Please Lord I ask that you hear my prayer we desperately need your guidance and help, this battle isn’t ours it’s yours. Keep us in faith Lord GOD, Do not allow the Devil to destroy and kill our love. Never allow temptations to control our lives or minds. Help us grow to love each other more and more, may we have more positive days than negative. Help us show you our appreciation to one another. We need you I pray Father that you hear me call upon you. Come into our hearts and restore our spirits, let us love each other’s soul.

I want this to work, I believe you can make it happen, give us space, patience and time, then bring us back together, make us official and ready for our new journey.

Thank you Lord, In the name of Jesus I pray for myself Aliyah & Abdul Adams