I am in need of a financial blessing, Oh Lord, My God

by Scared (Florida)

I really need a financial miracle,I have no money to pay my sons back some money that i had to borrow to pay his rent so now he is in danger of being evicted and if that happens he will have to quit college and move back home or he will have to come up with the $750 rent plus $450 fee for attorney his apartment complex will charge him.Plus on top of this I am many months behind on my house payment and I just found out yesterday my license are suspended due to no insurance and now i have to pay for sr22 insurance which is $900 for 6 months plus a $250 reinstatement fee.I have been dealing with all this alone,I just dont know what i’m going to do.I am very thankful i got my job which i started a month ago but i just don’t have enough to catch up.I have been praying for God to please help me through this but i feel like i’m being punished for something because it seems like every time i pray and ask him to please help me things get even worse.I feel like i need to just end my life and that is the only way out.I don’t want to do that because of my kids and my grandson.I just don’t know what to do,i only need enough to catch up so i can have a normal life like every one else,all i need is $6000.I will continue to pray and maybe God will think of me just once and help through this financial break down I am going through.So please every one Pray for me and my family.

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