~I am in a toxic situation at home now ~ I need to go.~

by Darla ()

An art teacher tenant came just before my birthday 2020 and bought me birthday presents when he didn’t know me ~~~ and showed an interest in me,it seems in context with more recent events now that he was manipulating me on purpose to have feelings for him,he vacated the room opposite in February 2021 where he lived for 3 months,it hurt me but I was just getting over it.I noticed he seemed to be hanging around here lately over the past 3 weeks more and more.There have been signs that the Polish woman from upstairs who talked about monsters in my head after we discussed horror films,it seems she has been trying to make the demons in my head worse by tampering with my belongings,she turns down my food in the kitchen when it’s cooking and tampers with my laundry,I found my combi lock suitcase nastily fiddled with and a pair of clean knickers of her size in my suitcase that I didn’t put there (after leaving my door open of my room within this privately rented flat,but I don’t leave it open anymore.) and her having a relationship with the art teacher more so she charmed him because she could see I like him,so in the past 2 weeks the situation has got stranger because yesterday I saw a man who came from upstairs who isn’t a tenant here who looks like the art teacher go out of the only exit door of these flats! My friend bothered me by saying that Polish woman has won the war if I leave this these flats but since I’m having more than one person around be manipulative and try to bother me I think I’m best out of it.I asked the girl on this floor if she had seen the art teacher guy around these flats she denied it,I just said if he was seeing the Polish lady to come and say “Hi” that’s all,so yesterday morning I heard the girl say to someone on the phone “She is just sat here,I was waiting for the person to come out the toilet,and watching my laundry,then before going out the front door of the flats art teacher(?) went into the toilet adjacent to my room like he was listening to what I was doing then went out,this was instead of saying “hi”. I did not do anything to this Polish woman she stirred it with the Landlord by telling him stuff she had overheard me say so that he thought I was being too friendly with him,but I wasn’t.I am being kept tabs on as well by that girl on my floor it seems the Polish woman has roped her into it to watch what I’m doing so she can twist the knife? It’s not bothering me that she is having a personal relationship with the art teacher,but rather that people THINK it bothers me and are trying to bother me ~ both art teacher and Polish woman and whoever else,I’m being bullied and I don’t know why! Please Lord Jesus raise me to victory,guard and guide me,please Virgin Mary Comfort and care for my needs.~Amen.

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