I am hoping for a miracle for my sick friend

by Anne (Nashville)

I am hoping for a miracle for my sick friend. She was recently diagnosed with a terrible brain cancer called glioblastoma. She has two sons in their twenties and is married to a wonderful man. The prognosis is grim and she continues to worsen. My friend is an amazing mom, wife, and friend to so many people. She loves to bake bread and cook meals for others in need and for large gatherings. She was active and full of life. The had a kind loving spirit of joy in her that you could see immediately. I love her and I can say with all my heart that she is the dearest person I have ever known. She was actually getting ready to make a meal for a friend when someone noticed her confusion. Her husband knew something was not right and immediately took her to the ER refusing to leave without an answer. After a scan the doctors found 4 tumors and I believe only 2 could be removed. This was only 5-6 weeks ago. I am going to see my friend tomorrow and continue to pray with hope in my heart. I feel such deep sorrow for the entire family. My prayer is for everyone to pray for a miracle, a complete cure. We all know that God has a plan for us but with prayer and petition we can ask for help now!

May love and blessings fill your hearts and may we always have hope.
God Bless, Anne

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