I am Drained, Lord, Help me

by Rachinda (Chicago,IL)

Heavenly Father i need peace in my home, my relationship, and my mind I ask that I be able to move forward in life and not keep starting over. I ask u to watch over my son and my spouse. May u steer my spouse from the streets and from all his mistresses. May he be faithful to our relationship.

May he not name call,stay out all day and stop hurting me. May he respect our relationship. May I get this job and keep the job forever.May i get my license and a car and b able to take care of my son. May my son life be better than mines and may his biological father step up. May u give Latrice peace in her home.

May u bless all my ememies may u bless those that hurt me. May i continue to pray, may i stay drug free, may i grow spiritually and may i continue to have strong faith no matter wat the circumstance. May I do right and may u always love and lrotect me. May my mouth say no evil may i do know evil may u guide my tongue

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  1. Faith

    I pray for you and your family
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Invite your family but do not push
    Just go Jesus needs you

  2. Prayer for you and your family

    Your prayer touched my heart. The lord will bless you. It is hard to be patient but I pray that you will persevere in your faith in God.

  3. Drained Too

    My prayer is similar so I understand somewhat your going through but we must hold on to God’s unchanging hands. Even though we are going through it we must trust and believe our God is able to do all that He said He would do. I will keep you in prayer as I continue to pray for myself and others He is never failing so we have to learn to be patient and wait on Him. May God continue to bless and keep you and ypur family in Jesus’ name

  4. Touched my Heart

    Your prayer touched my heart and I’m sure God s listening. Continue to pray and have faith. Sometimes we don’t get the answers we’re looking for at the time, but God has a plan for each and every one of us. Keep the faith 🙏🏻.

  5. Similar Blessing Request

    That prayer really inspired me, so full of hurt yet Faith and praise to the Lord! Thank you for expressing and truly you will be blessed, as your sisters and brothers in Christ hold you up in prayer! Remember, the power of Love…..you are Loved!

  6. Drained

    I feel the same way . I feel as thou I continually keep starting over and my relationships are not lasting. I don’t know God , I ask for direction and peace . I am now pregnant by a guy I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with , but to me it don’t seem like it’s going to go that way . Oh god , please send me direction , peace , joy, guideace , wisdom

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