I am confused and I really need lots of prayer and strength to carry on

by Theja (Nagaland, India)

Dear Lord, I thank you some much for wanting me and for being there for me every time I needed you. And I am sorry for all my short comings.

I am really sorry lord for being so ungrateful to you,I am shameful of myself for turning to you only when I am in trouble and here I am again asking you to bless me and give me strength in my life to carry on, give me the strength to face all these trials and failures in my life again. I pray that you would show me the way to come closer to you lord. I ask you to continue to bless me and my family and all my dear ones. I ask all these in Jesus my saviours name AMEN….

All the people out there please pray for me and all my dear ones. I need as much prayer as I can get get and I’ll be praying for all you too. Amen

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