I am broken Lord

by Patti (Massapequa New York)

Dear God,

Please I have heard that it is wrong to ask you for money, but I have also read Lord that you want your children to live a abudant life. God I am not perfect like your son, I wish I could be, and I know I will strive to get there. I need your help with this and feel ashamed , because I want to make you proud of me. I am tired of living in poverty, MY mom is sick, my angel cat is sick, I have so many bills, I don’t even have enough cloths, my friend needs help with money, my brother needs help with money. Lord please can you help me to come into alot of money I have so much good to do with it. I know you see my heart, and know Lord that I also ask of it for myself so that I can move to a better place. You know Lord what I am going through living here. I get so discouraged that I can’t even pray, I get so afraid to ask you too much because I also know that I am still a sinner.

I am in this one sin Lord that is a big stronghold, I am not trying to make any excuses Lord but because my life is so depressing , I see more pain than joy I keep falling into this sin, because it is so hard to face the life I am facing now. I want to do something for you so much, but feel like a failure. I am asking for your mercy, your help and please lord I can no longer live in this place it is destroying me.

I hope Lord you can help me financially and you hear my heart. Please let me be able to help myself and those I love. Please Lord let me know a better life so I can feel more enthusiastic about changing my life for the better. I love you Lord and even if you don’t help me I will always love you , I am just so tired of being depressed and hurting and feeling ashamed and empty inside.
I pray that Jesus also will intercede for me.

I pray I can become the person you want me to be.

i sent this prayer to you Lord in the hopes that you will hear and answer.

Thankyou Lord,

Lord you know my whole life has been like this, and it is hard for me to move forward with you , please take my hand pull me up Lord

Help me to never ever lose hope in you.

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  1. Broken

    Broken, given it all but its not going to work. First marriage of 12 years. Still miss her. 16 years second marriage, she has no love, only hurts and I can’t heal them. I’m alone with YOU LORD. My hope is not in this world, bring me home.

  2. Be Encouraged

    U said it best when u ask the Lord to not let u lose hope. God / Jesus cares about everything u are going thru. ask in all sincerity, confess your sins, have a truly repentant heart& spirit & believe that He will deliver U from any bondage. He does not always answer when & in ways we would like Him to .Find some one with strong faith & fear the Lord . they will give u support while u are struggling. I pray for your strenght & courage to get the help u need.

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