I am at the end financially, spiritually and emotionally, Help me Lord

by Tami (Crouse, Nc USA)

I am saddened beyond words. The fear I feel is dark and engulfing. I am truly at the end. I have no where to go or turn except for God and prayer.

I am unemployed, I have been seeking work for over two years daily and not even one interview or hope of a job prospect has graced my doorstep. No income at all. My marriage is all but finished. My husband is an alcoholic and a crack user. He is also bi-polar.

Due to his addictions, his income is not to be counted upon because he will smoke it up instead of meeting our earthly obligations. As a result, the home is in foreclosure. I have no family I can call upon for help as they are over-burdened themselves.

I keep praying for God to send me a job, so I can get on my feet financially and leave the marriage because after 7 years of praying he is still an addict. Please pray for me, I am starting to think my only answer is a grim one