I am asking for your help with our financial hardships

God, I am so grateful for all that You have provided for me and my family. Your love is felt immensely by me. I am asking for your help with our financial hardships. We desperately need to repair our cars, pay the bills that are past due to avoid eviction and our electric being turned off. I am sorry for not being able to figure out how to get our finances straight without Your help. Forgive me Father for my sins. I only wish to live comfortably with a roof over or heads, food on the table and heat to stay warm. I donate to any cause I can and help anyone who is in need. I always try to give more than I receive, sometimes to a fault where I put myself in need.

Please help us and we promise to always pay the help forward. We have overcome many evils and refuse to let evil get back in our door through these times of hardship. We know God that You are stronger and more powerful than any evil there is. Please come into our hearts, minds and home to help us fight the evil that is trying to take our happiness and provide us with financial stability.

Blessed be, Amen!

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