I am asking for prayers for no cancer to be found in this mass

by Ann (Virginia)

My dad was recently seen in the ER for chest pain. They did an x-ray and saw something unusual. They then did a CT scan and found a mass in his chest. We had a follow up with a pulmonary doctor the following week.

He showed us the scan, said this mass or tumor is destroying his rib bones. He wouldn’t know if it was cancer until he did a biopsy, which is scheduled for this Tuesday, however; he said it was a 95% chance it was. If this is cancer, and it is destroying his rib bones that would mean it is very advanced (stage 4) and metastasizing in his bones.

There would be no treatment at that point. We need a miracle, that this is not cancer–maybe just a funky infection or perhaps just a tumor without cancer??? I believe in a God of miracles! Please help me and my family. I am not ready to lose my dad.

I am asking for prayers for no cancer to be found in this mass. I am asking for some kind of weird infection or even a non-cancerous tumor that could be removed with surgery. I am also asking for prayers for my dad.

He was brought up very religious but has lost some of that over the years due to some hard life events. I need prayers for him to open his heart to God again. Please help me and my family. Please.

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