I am asking for prayer for my son

by Christine (San Antonio Tx Sun)

I am asking for prayer for my son. He is 15. He has been in detention for parent abuse. He is angry and doesn’t want to obey our family rules. He gets emotional and angry easily. He was sent to a behavioral program for 10 days. The Dr put him on Abilify. I am weaning him off that drug. It wasn’t helping him.

It made him worse. I am asking for prayer that his mind can have peace, and that he will be strong enough to fight off satans attacks with his mind. He is weak at this time. I also ask for strength that he can fight this problem. Get control over his emotions. when we adopted him as a child, he was diagnosed with adhd and alcohol/ cocaine issues. We were told, we wouldn’t see the problems til he was older. I continue to pray against any further problems. That God will take this sickness away from him.
Please stand in agreement with me.
Thank you all. God Bless

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