I always look up the stars at night saying “Lord thank you for winning the lottery.”

by Arthur (Philippines)

Dearest Jesus,

I always thank you for all the things you give to me. I adore you and love you even though I made mistakes and miss the mass often.

Lord, you know what is bothering me. It’s my debts which i know has been growing fast. I used that money for my wedding and I’m not lucky enough that i got sick 1 week after. Then 1 month after my wife has a bleeding that cause the abortion of our baby.

Loving God please let me win the lottery once. I do not desire a huge amount of money but just let me borrow it from You with only the right amount.

Merciful God I’m begging that please grant my prayer because you’re the only one i could turn to.. You are my last option my dearest Jesus… I will look up the stars again tonight and say thank you Lord for winning the lottery.


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