I accepted Jesus as my savior

by Tina T (Omaha ,Nebraska)

I accepted Jesus as my savior, I lived moste of my life beaing unaccepted, for a disability, that wasn’t my falt,I was abused moste of my years for the disability, but I no Jesus cares for me and loves me, please pray I don’t spend the rest of my adult years like this, and I pray Jesus will heal me of my pain, thank you all for you prayers, god bless you.

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  1. yeah!!

    I am so happy for you! Regardless of what this earth brings, you now have eternal life and security with Jesus!!!

    I have prayed for your pain and healing-
    i do not know what your disability is, but you can probably reach a lot of people for Christ Jesus! Stay in your bible for strength.
    I have been healed (documented) twice by a miracle from God! I know that it can happen!!
    Welcome to the family of God!
    Did you know that Jesus now calls YOU HIS FRIEND?!
    much love

  2. Jesus will make you totally brand new

    Tina God made you very special so that you are unique. God has herad you and he has a plan for your life. He wants you to first forgive yourself for ever believing you have a disability when he created you in his design. You have a trial to undergo so you can get closer to God. It is in these trials that God makes you realize that he was with you all along and telling you what you need to do. Pray, read the bible and listen to him. He will tell you what to do and rejoice in the miracles he will do for you. He is a God that wants to do miracles for you becuase he likes to show off what he can do for you. Tina please stay in prayer with God. He loves you so much he took you out of that abusive situation.

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