Husband who is evil

by Debra Drum ()

My husband and I have been married for almost nine yrs. now. He is 76 yrs.old and blind and calls himself a christian but is always either putting me and everything I do down or encouraging me to do a particular thing only to find him later ridiculing me for me doing that particular thing. Like he’s setting me up. Like I said he is totally blind, very outspoken, very critical and then very “sweet-acting” and then boom I’ve had it. He tells lies on me all the time. He has a spirit of hypocrysy and frankly he has just been diagnosed by the Dr. with CHF and A-fib. He claims he is a christian and saved but he does alot of evil towards me. He builds me up only to tear me down and threatens to hit, kill, leave me. I have to take care of him in about every way there is to take care of him and I have done so for almost 9 yrs, now. God has guided me and helped me to be able to do that, despite all of my husband’s hateful ways towards me. When he gets this way, he blames me for any and everything bad that happens all the way down from his health being bad, which is not my fault, he is obese and was obese when we married. I’ve tried every way in the world to try and help him to eat right and do some excercise from the very beginning. He has had all kinds of oppurtunities to do what is necessary and people to help him accomplish what he needs to do, but he does not listen to anyone, not even his Dr’s and then he gets mad and blames everyone for his poor health, but I get most of his abuse and threats handed down my way. The abuse was very hateful and intense last night. He even goes as far as lying to God about me. I hear him sometimes. He rarely apologises for any of his behavior towards me and whenever he has done so, I believe it was just a light-hearted apology. I know he has alot of health issues to deal with of which he has done to himself but I’ve been there with him through it all for the last nine yrs. trying to support him and help him in any way that I can. I still work just a little bit part-time to make ends meet and if I need to do anything around the house as far as maintenance goes, he pitches a fit on me and makes me feel like I should just let everything fall apart. I have alot to take care of since he can’t oversee anything and he always makes me feel guilty for taking care of business. And sometimes he even sets me up by encouraging me to do the things that need to be done and then gets mad at me for doing them. He says whatever he feels like saying and does whatever he feels like doing, including hitting me sometimes. There are others that he kind of treats badly too, like his daughter. I really am beginning to wonder if he really is a christian or not. And I fear for him because he is coming nearer to the end of his life. I think he may be afraid of dying, but I could be wrong. I don’t want anyone to die and go to hell, not me, not anyone, but I feel like sometimes I am at my wits end with all the abuse and no genuine apology from him. If he’s not genuine with me on being apologetic, then I don’t believe he is genuinely repentant to God. We need help. I genuinely care for him and sometimes I have thought he cared for me but then I don’t know with the crazy abuse and double standard. Nine yrs. of all of this is getting to me. Please help pray a prayer of protection from all this evil. For both of us.

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