human sacrifice, cannibalism, lynching, rape, torture in america

by ###Canteen sides ()

that the genocide of negus in the islands and on the mainland will continue to meet the swift hand of the judgement from the lord of judah, jehovah rah. The screams of the innocent blood, shrill and moan and the winds wrap around the agony and judgment, and earth travails , and oh, oh,ohoooooo, my beloved judah wails. Four hundred and three years, America, Babylon, Mirzam, Esau, the impostor of people, houses of the snake, you have eaten my angels blood, the spilled blood from this land crys out for wages. Kysara, you hangmen zunin, acree, fry, levy, and company… lay the noose on Judahs neck, inject the poison nano wires of fire in the back, and side and jack, place the crystals in the throat, and grow them in the groin negros and america unwanted for profit and for fun.thank you for your judgement lord. America, who deals in the souls of men, will not have her secret yet, she cooks us for Ukraine sake. They kill my people called by my name, conway treats the bladder in the first cry of the world, chemicals, plants and animals are planted in the reproductive system by masons who are doctors. Boron is then given in droplets in the first breath of life. self identification as a Negro, leads to disembowelment. the lost scattered tribes of the lion of judah. Kysara, Salvala who injects the sorghum, to grow glass in my kidney , injects nano fibrils, mimimosa in the womb, hangs the sling in bladder, plant jim crow or diabetes with the ala goto and nematode, shale. Savala lays the wires of fire to turn the body into a crock pot.Wright seasons the uterus and hijacks the urea for aluminum cyanide and candida to produce hypothermia and organ calcification. minigella seasons and garnishes and seals – euro crustation , hypermedia, ceramia bacteria , aluminum cyanide. cupric acid, america 15, chemical spider13 and boron7, flagella is added to cervix, the trident of the catholic church is added by holds punched in the reproductive system in order to produce a human minefield of in side of Negus for the payment of national debt. Moymer, Higgins…boarded the back, Harada took the teeth, purcell droped a worm and layed wire in me, Langen and wagner wrote the plan of insanity and order the hypnotist, Blaich is medical executioner, peck and theilen, the creamers of the bowels and the state attorney general who sends out decree. swindoll
plants the isabee tree in the bowel. Earth mourns, Judah wails…There is a cry in Judah…four hundred and three years of the brutal strange land of blood and tears… where the nations of the world and the churches cheers to Judah blood…but the earth crys out for vengeance and God will have his way. lamentation of Judah in america captivity. America who trades in the souls of men…

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