How I pray

by Erica R (Unioncity, Michigan, United States Of America)

* What prayer means to me is first by showing God that you are trustful, worthy and compassionate enough to pray to him and ask him for, forgiveness in his name and to heal others that may ever need to be healed spiritually, because to me if you are not at least one of those then I don’t think you could get you prayers answered unless you were to ask for, forgiveness to the Lord that you will not ever do anything bad in your life again and you really mean it too.

* My favorite type of prayer would probably to ask the Lord for, forgiveness and to help other or my self in anyway like to help the people who need the help and to get them through every hard time as possible and just too heal them spiritually in their body’s and soles.

* I like to pray when I am hurt or scared or think my sweet heart needs the prayers and when people need the prayers like if they were hurt or had cancer or anything, or when my parents argue and I am not understanding why they do so much.

* As often as I need to pray is when I pray and those times are when I hear that some one is in pain or is having really bad cancer or something or when someone asks for me to pray for them and they really need it.

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  1. Why I pray

    I pray for anything good to happen to myself, neighbors, all citizens and the country and the world. Also pray for our sins to be forgiven and pray for wisdom in every decision we make. I pray even when evetything seem to be good by asking for extra faith and strength in the lord. I pray to offer God the praisesu and worship that he deserves for doing so much in our lives. Amen

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