How does one prepare for future and how does one state focus on you Lord

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please continue to pray for God b**** healing for our family stop the arguments free for Julie’s eyes and smiling and allergies he’s praying for Jesus migraines that’s all it will take care of it that he will get hurt by medicines and right natural products I spray for her eyes please pray for Jesus me that the Lord will get in the right doctors for her knee and everything so that the blood is praying for the Lord to take care of Bobby just finances freak him on the extra stress and not having anything but to have some more things please pray for love to take care you have to take it back to take care of his hearing to take care of his eyes care business hip and upload of Jesus pray for healing good lambda home please pray for the Lord to heal by the soul and hearts are picking mom’s future sons and moms and grandchildren plus you want to be with the Lord that she’s here at the Lord and take out the guilt and love sadness and fear of Julie’s friend and she’s mine and about b****** are pretty for our families to come back together again and to seek Jesus Christ pray for more to forgive those who have been neglected are responsibilities of your families. She’s not responsible for all the bad things that he is on the cross and he will take off all that negative and angry frustrating feelings. Jesus Christ that there’s nothing to worry that the Lord is important together let no man put his under wear to remind you that he has special day down to her and that the more Hampton Union is victory in Jesus he’s prayed for the tick restored hope for the Huntington home to become a home again. Lord to remind you that those arguments unnecessary. Please pray for victory today when Jesus is probably doing today is rossmore will contact you I don’t know I appreciate it’s a little nonsense scriptures of helping get to the day. To see the grace of God. Four grandchildren. Vica drink and Jesus biscuit and peace and rest that happens for victory in Jesus Christplease pay for victory for a country this week we need a hand of God Pray for garbage to lean towards more prayer for the future sons and laws and grandchildren so he can have some hope more hope in Christ and we’re hoping God that his children and grandchildren would be good in Jesus Christ when he goes to be with the Lord they would get a victory in Jesus pray for the downsides of the house pray for perhaps and relocation might be better to the grace of God and pray for Lord to upgrade the house and sail about condition and pray for the Lord to help DE classes pass for G and Julie pray for Julie did not jump ship break the Lord to reminder who Christ is in the life free for a future husband and Christ Jesus and loving man of God and loving man of God only in Christ only in Christ we pray for Jade to rest upon you Lord never mind is going 10 million miles a minute like most people have gone through some some stress and anxiety victory today please pray for the business that will go well and Jesus name be restored be filled be profitable in Jesus name the all things work together for good and that room is a two way is there John 14 is there and not even a father and a son and the Holy Ghost he’s praying for victory in Jesus amen

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