How does one prepare for future and how does one state focus on you Lord

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let’s pray for peace of mind please pray for Lord to help pick him up and stop being there is worried I feel as if she is not able to do things prayingpto focus on you pray for peace in our lives again rest in our lives but for our family your family again pray for bypage the money devil to leave our beach alone to help devil believe by HP for picking moms just take care of the healing to provide it is no hidden illnesses her life is threatening and jesus’ name to show her that Christ is the answer to her fears that the Lord will take care of any hidden illnesses that all hidden illnesses are treatable not life-threatening but will want to help JH to seek your face to not turn away from the blood of the lamb but if we’re healing of our family healing of the anger hostility and bitterness pray for house repair work that needs to be done this year that the Lord will make a way for you to begin for the lights for the water heater so that big amount can take back to see the proper then pushing from picking up so she can sleep better at her back won’t be in bad shape the Lord did her back and pain that’s nothing to do with her chest and nothing is spreading in her body that’s grace of God all things work together for the Romans eight to eight bravely eighteen in her body and at the healing of the book of the Lamb is in her body and Jesus’ name he needs to be at her side and help her encourage her and pay for Lord and I have the upsetness and screaming and yelling anymore pray for her and sure that God is still on the throne they still have the energy to be a man and Christ Jesus people to get them back into church get them on online church get them with Christian brother and pray for one another pray that he prays for teachers unto laws and grandchildren people what to live is family devil legacy definitive reason of God no no we’re performed together social prosper and Jesus name pray for Lord to not allow gee to be depressed discouraging about others all the time but the devil dressed to play keep that to make her feel discouraged and make a feel like cross morals just a myth the dream affect me for imagination pray for us more to stay in the words stay in the word pray for him to pray for you together in Christ Jesus pray for victory what about the lamb for food help constant food help pray for you together supplement done so that you can able to help with some food to make away people would take out the depression spirit depression anxiety and stress please help with no calling people every day yelling and screaming upsetness pay for picking mom to get to the dental work is that cleaning out her teeth about a lamb about in Jesus name people Lord to get some washing done soon to the grace of God and that the Lord is still on the throne my prayer changes things in Jesus name amen and amen

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