How does one prepare for future and how does one state focus on you Lord

by Oneatha ()

I need your prayers for that I can release all my emotional distress and anxiety and bitterness and anger and despair and worries about the future about my future as a wife and mother and building a legacy through the grace of God and to having my school finish and going towards my career that the Lord will make a way for me to take care of myself and get my health back up take care of my need wound cleansing bring to me my future husband and Christ Jesus that Ross Moore will turn the page into his spiritual walk and is eternity to know who Christ is in his life to bring the more Hampton Union or the union that the Lord will lead and he will make me a blessing and make us a blessing and to remove fear and death and worry intention and society prove that for Julie anxiety depression pray for work to be seen as excellent that her artwork can bring the pot a change of heart that will show people restless for picking mom gave us want to be with the Lord and we can settle in peace and rest because she wants us to be his and rest our love will always be there together and one another and we will not we will not relent on the love that she gave us through Jesus pray for Papa page to get back into prayer and fellowship companions to pray with him and he will see his bustings of grandchildren that the Lord has already given and will give again pray for weddings at the Hampton home need to begin it in Jesus pray for only in Jesus Mr Peter only in Jesus pray for Lord to help she to remember who Christ is and show her that she will walk straight again she will think straight again she will be that kind of woman that God created that Ross will see Christ in her and his love for her will double triple quadruple and his words that the Lord allows her to send him I’ve been reaching and touching and changing up softening his heart shying away from the bitterness sign away from the busyness making him aware who Christ is praying for him to stay in the world staying the worst day in the world Pray for his parents to pray for G and love her acceptor Pray for his parents to be in the work and staying over as well Pray for victory for this week Pray for things to be done for the business they will be growing and growing and growing Pray for some lost items that she will find so pray for her account so she can put some funds in the account that she can start her schooling and be under the blood of the Lamb the baptism of the Holy Ghost Pray for victory in Jesus the all things will work together for good the temple of God who will call the court to his purposes pray for 60 to 100 off 50 keep an office prefer surgical medical examinations for her upper body no hidden analysis pay for me no hidden illnesses she will get some medical work done in Jesus name the Lord to show her that the words are wrong and amazing sorry to be acceptable at this time I’m going to strengthen out redeemer instead of watch ing Michael Jordan date me in that way ever last night but pray for me to me that the Lord will resurrect your family make us one again and make the love of God live in our hearts and minds and parties and souls pray for popping to see his daughters become lobs and mothers and they’ll be a victory in Jesus and a testimony of Christ pray for G to relinquish that pain until you have my father and know that you are the throne no matter what hallelujah pray for the pain to be in the Christ Jesus favor victory for Mrs and sister to be in a good training program to take her time and do it right pay for Julie for training certification to do a ride and get some help some tutoring helps you will be confident to know what she’s doing and do it beautifully and be able to earn a good living pray for G that are training for a music and science but goodbye to work that will be excellent and be eligible for grants and scholarships that the Lord will provide and then your future and not to worry and leave the future in his hands. This weekend for the key team against the teaching in Jesus name and pray for hopelessness of Christ to rain on both areas but for Mr w he will come closer to Jesus to see a change in his heart. She will see Jesus in her life pray for Lord to not allow us to be stressed out. I know who Christ is by zoom and so forth and to remember the love of God that works through Becky Mom in Jesus name and Miss Julia in Jesus name amen and amen

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