How do we continue to fight right?

God, i’m not the best with is but i’m trying my best to explain the right way. I know everything you got us going through down here is a test to challenge ourselves. But with everything that’s going on please protect and watch over Ronnie.

I know they say never question you or what you decide to do. But i’m lost. I pray that you heal him lord and let him accept you as his savior. Let us all. I can’t stand it we all can’t. Let him continue to fight and to know he is not on his own.

He’s somewhere wandering lord i just hope it’s nowhere dark. Let the angels protect him and heal him. Give him his strength back and let him be stronger. He needs to continue to fight. He’s young but i have faith i won’t give up on him and i hope that you let him stay with us. He’s my friend but i consider him along with his family my family too. Lord, if you do decide to take him that’s alright to because i know he’s safe sitting right next to you.

We love him and would love to have him here whatever you decide we will accept that too. I hope you heal him lord as he was on the 23rd before it happened i hope he can return that way. I know Troy, Chauni, and the rest of the angels are watching him well continue to let him fight. He’s a fighter.

I want the absolute best for him and when he recovers i promise i will never let him forget how much i love him along with others. We need and want him here with us. May he know that you are still with him even during the hardest times like this for example.

I love you god and it’s in your hands. Save him. This is the beginning of the journey and we all will be here every step of the way. Love you god and i hope he trusts you just as much as i do. Amen.