how do I successfully pray for a friend in need

by Briesha Williams (Houston Tx Usa)

Lord I pray for my boyfriend. I pray for his family’s well being. I ultimately pray as a sister in Christ for my brother. You seen how upset I got at him Lord all because I wanted is to pray an read your word more often. I pray that you give us tgr desire yo read your word and stay grounded in your word. The enemy had had his tricks with us and yes we have fallen but Lord I pray that in thr midst of our trials I pray we stay within your grace. I pray you keep us wanting and needing you. I don’t want to sin and feel conviction. I’m tired of doing what is wrong to you. I pray you forgive me for being angry with your son about praying I just want us to stay grounded and desire to read your word and feed our spirit man and out desire to tune in and fellowship about you. I pray that I as a friend and girlfriend that instead of getting upset and acting out of my flesh I pray you keep me from being aggravated and so guarded I pray you use me that in the times thatvmy fellow brothers and sisters atevdown that you use me to remind them of you. I pray that in my boyfriend and it’s relationship that we keep you first and foremost and fear nothing and that we serve you and keep reverance for you. I pray we all stay grounded. Please lord please dont let us give up our faith because of hard times. Lord please don’t let me become lost and timid and afraid to proclaim I follow you. When my boyfriend gets so uspet and says he doesn’t want to talk and pray lord I pray you use me to pray for him and not take things so personally. For we do not wrestle with flesh and blood but of the spirit…lord please don’t let go of us. Please use me to be of strength and when in doubt use me to pray and stay rooted and speak in authority of you name. My lord and savior Jesus Christ I pray to you in you name lord. Amen. Don’t let go of me lord.

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