How can I show him I am not the women of the world Lord & remove her

by Lulu (Moulton Al USA)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me to show John I am not the women of the past that have hurt him & I truly love him from my heart. I do not care about money nor the things he can give me I enjoy the time we spend together and he can trust me not to become as the other women have especially the one he is entertaining now and if he would just let go he & I would be happy for the remainder of our lives. I understand that he wants to make past mistakes with his children thru her child but show him that his children need the love he is trying to provide this child and this child needs his parents to show him their love I am not trying to be ugly I just want to show him a love I feel he has never experienced and you Lord as he has never known you I really love him and want to care for him the rest of our lives I do care if we are traveling as he wants to do we can create a lifetime of memories together with love and our children grandchildren and most importantly each other as long as we get the chance to do that but I am so afraid if you do not intervene I will never get the chance to love him the way he deserves I have never got the chance to truly be happy and in love please dear Lord answer my prayers in Your Holy Mame I pray this is granted Amen