Housing. Children Health Marriage Transportation. An Finances

by Roxchell Santee ()

Hello Thanks for your prayers in advance An God bless you I will like you to stand in faith with me about so many areas of my life My whole life and the lives of my family has been under attack for 3 years straight The first prayer is I have to move by the 30th of this month An it seems impossible But I know all things are possible with God Someone is helping me try to find temporary housing so I won’t be homeless with my kids I need God to go before him and cause that to happen for us Second prayer is my finances My finances Transportation Health Marriage Housing An kids has been under so many attacks An my money seems to dried up soon as I get some Are the enemy would cause something to break Like my car Or something to come up where I have to spend more money out of pocket Please pray about these situations Also I have a son name Treylon that gives me such a hard time He has autism and his temper tantrums are very high strong and annoying It has me to the point where I literally be wanting to give him up for adoption I didn’t wanna feel like this toward my child I live him so much But he’s hurting all of us An himself as well He beats himself constantly An everyone would tell me pray for him and that is what I have been doing for years now Please keep him in prayer Also his father My husband He needs prayers as well His sin has his ways I need God to save heal delivery and set him and I free from addictions Also we need a big windfall of money to get us out of all the debts we have Debts that have been following me for years I tried paying some when I can But my money is not long enough Thanks for your prayers God bless you

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