Hoping for enough, Lord

by Sandra (USA)

Dear God, our Heavenly Father, thank you for all blessings received. My husband and I have struggled so much the past few years. We have finally come to a place where we are at peace in our marriage and are making decisions for our future. We would really like to move to an area of nature, where we can gather our thoughts. My life has been very painful, sexual abuse from a stepfather that my Mom is still with, even though she knows he sexually abused two of her daughters and raped her youngest daughter.

My Mother is a recovering heroin addict and mother of 5 kids that were along for her explosive life. I have finally found trust and stability in a good man, now that he has chosen me over the motorcycle gang that once ran our lives. I have so much now with my husbands love & support. Please God, help us with a financial windfall that will enable us to move to a new area. I am currently on unemployment, my Husband is working part time. I fear that all of our hard work will fail, if we can not get out of the area we live in. Please God, we don’t need much, just enough to pay to move, damage deposit and so on. Please answer our prayers. Amen.

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