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Sorry for this lengthy letter but you should understand what we have been through all these years and currently we are leading a meaningless life
Jobless for the last 4 years and prior to that went through humiliation/ shame/ discrimination in my job for 12 years and prior to that had to struggle for 10 years to get a proper job. No amount of crying to the LORD helped. Have suffered for 40 years with kidney related issues since childhood and after a kidney failure had a transplant
My son has gone through tremendous pain in his life – grandparents showing more affection to his cousin as my parents did not like my wife, health issues since childhood- treated for epilepsy, skin problems, asthma etc and now severe breathing problems. I can go on ….
I always prayed to the LORD that my son son should not go through health issues like I witnessed since childhood but since childhood my son has faced various health issues
My wife faced discrimination at home as my sister had problems with her and she poisoned my parents and they treated her badly . My parents are now no more but the hurt cannot be wiped away
Various known servants of GOD prayed for us and prophesied but to no avail regarding my job, health, my sons health, education, my wife’s issues with the family etc. Used to claim those prophesies but now no use praying/claiming them
We are cursed, the curse can end with death so praying that this generational curse ends with our death

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