by Aaron ()

Everything feels hopeless right now. My prayer for a friend seems out of the question. And the viral outbreak is getting worse. In the midst of it all, it seems selfish to even ask for help. But I don’t know what else to do. I’m a sheep. I’m scared to death of everything going on. People are are dying. I feel like I have waisted my life, and all for nothing. Now it feels like the end of the world. God’s not gonna take me home, I’m too sinful. So I’m probably gonna wind up in hell too. Curse me for being so selfish. What’s wrong with me? The whole situation just seems unfair, and hopeless. I feel no desire to do anything, except stay inside and cower in fear at everything going wrong. If nothing else please God send me a messenger to tell me what I need to hear. Send me an angle to comfort me in this hour of darkness and fear. Comfort me. I am hurting. I kept myself a vigin with the promise that I would someday marry and give that gift to my wife to be, but it was for nothing. I abstained from giving myself to other women, and it was for nothing. It was all in vain. Now what? What was my purpose in life? My life is worthless. I am worthless. I’m here just to suffer. I wished I had never been born. Why was I predestined to failed? Why was I cursed with singleness? So many questions with no answer. Why can’t you just tell me if I’m meant to be single? Why did you place the desire for Marriage, and romance in my life but not fill it? Why did you turn your back to me God? Why did you give bless my peers with wives and children but leave me berren and lonely. Why God? Please do not ignore me any longer. At least answer me somehow, make me understand. Help me! Send someone to help. Put my mind at rest. You know how anxious I am, and how I get. Please help me! Send someone to be here with me to comfort me in this time of fear and uncertainty. Please don’t abandon me God. Please remember me. I don’t want to die alone.

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