Hopefully Praying for my Lords Favor

Heavenly Father,I humble myself before thee. I Thank you Lord for all that you have and continue too do. Father, I just can’t seem to find a job.I know the economy has been down. Lord, I know that you will provide everything I need. Lord need to take care of my family.

Lord I know o that you want me to be the head of my household. Yet I am not able to provide all that is needed to sustain them. Lord I also know that Satan is trying to discourage me and weaken my faith.

Lord I need your favor,Lord let one of your angel’s look upon the many resumes and application’s I have put in.l Lord please allow someone to look favorably and call upon me lord. All I need is just a opportunity Lord and I know you will give me the ability to do the work. In the name of your Son Christ Jesus I pray amen.

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