Hopeful for change

by Penny Oiler ()

My husband has a hard time with my son. (His step-son). My husband has said a lot of mean stuff to my son throughout the years. We have been together since my son (Tyler) was 6 years old. They seem to be getting along better but my husband dwells on the negatives. My son is almost 18 and my husband has in his head that when Tyler graduates in the fall he will automatically move out. My son still has 4 years of college and as long as he is attending college he will have a place to stay. Plus he will always be in my life. My son is constantly on his phone or playing video games with his friends. He has social anxiety and his friends never want to do anything so he’s in the house most of the time which drives my husband crazy. Tyler works part-time and goes to work everyday. He’s saving money for a new car and he is a great kid. He doesn’t cause any trouble or worry for me other than the lack of social contact with the outside world. My husband gets anxiety when my son is there. I have shared custody with his father so he is only there on Monday, Wednesday and every other weekend. My husband also gets upset because my Tyler never wants to do anything with us. Tyler is not a outdoor person at all and my husband and I like to go swimming, canoeing, and fishing. I just don’t let it bother me but my husband dwells on it. Please pray for my family. I love both of them very much. I just keep praying for change in this situation.

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