Hope, Strength, Forgiveness and Peace

I am submitting my prayer for hope and strength as I am in a very difficult place in my life. I feel as though I have lost everything and am severely depressed. My faith in God needs strengthening above all things. I need to feel that God has forgiven me for all the bad that I have done in my life and unconsciously continue to do so.

I am scared, lonely tired and lack hope. I alone am weak but continue to seek out help. Please God hear my voice as I cry to you for help. I am sick of living like this…too many years and too many opportunities have passed me by. I want the strength to change this life.

Please ease this burden. Perhaps this is the cross I was meant to carry but I need strength to continue the journey. I pray for work, for health for income for happiness for someone to love, including myself.
Please sacred heart of Jesus I ask your pour your love and cover me.
Please pray for me,,,

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