Hope for understanding a selfish act to those who loved you, you left us!

by Shirley (Stuart, Fla.)

Dear God,
I am in awe at this moment, I truly love and believe in you Lord.
I have no doubt that you exist, I have no doubt of my faith in you,
Why then, do I not understand the passing of loved ones, when they
are taken without reason?
I want to be able to answer questions that my nine year old grandchild
has asked me today, not only with an answer, but with the truth. I explained
that first of all, God is a good God. He would want no harm to those who
have been taken, as well as for the loved ones who have been left to grieve.
My only answer to her was the God needed Auntie, he needed her more
in heaven than we needed her here on earth. He had big plans for her. It
seemed to make sense to me. Why else would God take a child of a living
parent, of a loving sister, Auntie, friend, of all those that loved her.?? Why?? This is so, so hard to wrap my head around, I want so much to reach out to all of her family with one big hug and take all their pain away. I wish it were that easy. I truly am blessed to have you all in my life.

I lost a grandson when he was only 28 months old. His life had not even
begun. I lost two sisters, both at the 50-60 yr. range. That is not old. They both had young children in their 20’s who needed to share their weddings,
their grandchildren and the many things we live to see their parents witness. WHY? Because God needed them more than we did, and we must
celebrate the wonderful days we had with them. No, they were not always
wonderful, but that was life with them. Loving them. Are the loved ones left
behind angry? You bet we are. But, with the kind, loving God, that I know
he will leave us with guardian angels, to watch over us, love us…..
forever and ever.
If I could only ask one more thing dear God, did I give the best
answer I could?, and if not, can you help me find better words as it may happen again, and I want to be prepared to explain to someone in pain after a loss, with much kinder, a much better way to sooth their aching heart.
I am asking in your name, my God, as I do have hope and faith that they are all in a better place. I never want to let you down, please help me to be the best I can be.
Forever and ever, Amen.

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