Hope for protection of the unborn

by Beverley ()

Dear Father
I come before you this day with a heavy heart. When I see how many abortions take place in our nation everday it truly grives me to my core.
How did we come to this place?
A nation that you truly blessed, that we could turn on backs on you
And allow this to happen.
Father I confess my sin of not getting involved in protests of
Roe vs wade. Please forgive me.
Have mercy on me for not wanting to get involved with other people’s lives.
I look to you Father for hope, for only you can overcome the evil this law has caused.
Sprinkle us with clean water.
Purify us with your son’s blood.
Cleanse our hearts.
Have mercy on us.
Open up the heavens
Send your Spirit across this world
like never before, ending this evil.
Send your Holy Spirit to all on the Supreme Court, give them wisdom to see the evil in this law and the elightment to why you placed in the position they are in. Guide them Father, in all their ways, and days, so they will guide our nation in serving you in away that we won’t have to be ashamed of our history. Let us be able to say that we know our Father’s will and that
We seek to follow his will for us.
I praise you Father for the Hope you have given me and for the knowledge that you are in total control of every issue that confronts us.
Who else can we place our hope in? No other than the One and Only
True God!
In the precious name of Jesus Christ I ask that your will be done
On defeating Roe vs Wade and any other law that brings dishonor to you.
Thank you Father for the ones you
call to pray for this issue and for the Christian ministry’s that work every day trying to save these precious babies. Please provide every financial and spiritual needs
Of those called to pray and for the Christian ministries.
May all the earth Gloriy you, as your son did, and that the Spirit attests to.

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