Hope for new life to be free from my father’s unjust firm grip

Heavenly Father, I pray that my family (my mother, my sister, my brother, me) may get the opportunity to be free from my father’s unjust firm grip, being controlling and abusive. I pray that you help us to see a better day and that you help us to find our own independence so that we may know true life, the life that you intended for us to live so that one day we too may raise our own families (my siblings and I) with your love which our other has demonstrated to us. Help us to retain our hope at this challenging time, hope for a better future. I pray that you may also save my father’s soul for he has let darkness inside of him and failed his duty as your servant to be a parent and a husband. I pray also to say thank you thank you helped me find this community of prayer and I pray that you help me to keep on being an active participant, even in spirit. I also pray that you may help the following prayers come to life: that one person may be able to start school to have a better life, that another one of your precious people may find inner peace, and that another may find forgiveness in her husband and not to break her vows again. Dear Lord I make this prayer to you through your son Jesus. Amen.

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