Hope for a miracle

by Sada (Sacramento)

Hi God. Or Allah. Or what you are called in other cultures. But I need a miracle more than anyone. It might sound greedy and materialistic but I need some help with my grades. My grades mean the world to me right now, without them I am prohibited from more life options, I will be neglected by my family, I will lose my self-confidence and pride, and I will be further away from my dream. It might seem weird and arrogant but as a student, I am trained to think of myself as a test score and honestly, sometimes through difficult times, I cannot control that outcome that I want. I have always been a perfect student but recently I have went through some tough times and my grades have faltered. Hopefully if someone who can make a blessed prayer and has the heart to support a fool like me and possibly ask God to change the outcome of a test score. Honestly speaking, I am a Muslim so many people would find it strange that I am on a Catholic website asking for help. But I really believe in God and I am currently in need of a miracle. Please, though my wish is materialistic, that is all what I truly want right now. Please help me.

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