Hope, courage and faith

Dear God:

Please hear my prayer for my friend Gonzo, who is suffering from the separation he feels from his family.

Please God, assist him in this in-between time in his life, offering him each morning and each evening a sense of purpose and a reminder of his amazing faith in you. Help him, Lord, remember that his courage is always with him; that the fear he might feel right now as he feels separated from them is only temporary. Faith with works is the glue within him, and within us all in some small or large measureLord, within Gonzo his faith could move mountains.

Allow his faith now to rise up to reach you and to reach within.to find the hope and courage that is always available to him.from The Father, Son and Holy Ghost .

Regardless of how love appears to be lacking from his wife and children, Lord, help Gonzo know that YOU shine through always. Amen

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