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I have been hurting for two weeks now. I am a single parent and I have raise three children alone with the Grace of God. Now that all of my children are adults now. I see now that my children are not there for me in any shape or form. It’s really strange how I am truly feeling about how much children have moved on me and very negative way. A lot of times I feel not elected by my own children. I am a mother and I have sacrificed a lot for my children as they were growing up in this world but now that they are doing well from selves they forgot all about there mother. There’s a lot of times I don’t feel that I need him financially wise I need him in my life so I have someone to talk to I feel very lonely and sometimes I just feel like giving up because without my family I feel as though I have no one but a lot of times I have to remember that my heavenly father is the one that is planning my life but a lot of times I feel like God is not there for me either it’s hard so yes I pray for hope. I hope to see all of my dreams am I visions I’ll come true but for now I will keep my head up for my Heavenly Father because I love him. I know I did an excellent job raising my children with the grace of God but you know people can make you feel like you are a bad person and I don’t wanna feel that way because I did the best I could but my children are making me feel less and I don’t understand why they’re doing this to me. I will continue to pray for myself I try my best to stay strong because I really don’t want to give up because I don’t want to hurt God in anyway but I’m hurting so bad because of the way that my children are treating me I really don’t feel so I deserve this because I sacrificed a lot for my children my health in my career now. I love my God and I trust my God that he will see me through this all. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

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