Honor thy Father and thy Mother

by Nathan ()

God if you’e willing please give me success’s in finally completing the holy scripture in the holy bible objective and be my guide in getting back to school with the resources. Then if your willing be my guide in presenting the resources with the scripture in an attempt to bless Miss.Crawford into her first year and show appreciation to Mrs.S, Mrs.W/Mrs.W, Mrs.C. They’ve been teaching for about 30 years, about 30 years, and this is her first year. So they can give us their best effort all year no matter what. Also if your willing be our guide in catching, detains, and restraining all of the guilty electronic device operators that were zapping heads. They zapped my head which is what caused me to lose it and become possessed by the idea of completing this what was only suppose to be a 30 second to 2 minute 2 minute to 15 minutes at the most, water break/bathroom break time limit h.s.h.b. objective in obedience to 1 of the 10 commandments and a bunch of other scriptures in the holy bible. Amen

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