Honor thy father and thy mother

by Tye McClurg ()

My mother has been suffering with many ailments for years. Following congestive heart failure, diabetes, neuropathy pain, stage 4 kidney failure, and severe carpel tunnel in both hands I would think depression would be an understatement. Through the glory of Jesus Christ, my mom has triumphed in many ways and fought the pressures of evil. She credits Jesus for relieving her carpel tunnel pain, but nothing has touched her neuropathy pain and going to dialysis treatments 3 times a week is like attempting to sike one up for a beating. Through God’s grace she continues to fight and seeks God’s healing touch. As Does my dad, whom has contended with arthritis for years and has placed his own wellbeing on the back burner for the sake of my mom’s health and happiness. Sometimes the negativity can be sensed upon visits to encourage and raise their spirits. I myself fall victim to fear and worry that God’s glorious return won’t be soon enough. My dad recently has been having prostate issues and probably other issue too, but will always place his wife first. I pray often, if not every day for their divine healing and for God’s guidance and comfort in my own life, but the small church of ‘wherever two gather in my name, there I shall be also’ I think could use a hand in talking to Jesus. I believe in the power of prayer and the power of Jesus’ healing and I thank you greatly for allowing me the time to request additional help for Johny and Sharon. To quote Andy Woods, “I can’t think of a single problem in my life that the rapture wouldn’t fix.” One of these days Jesus will allow me to thank everyone personally for the caring generosity given in prayer, and God knows I could use the help. I pray for others with a selfish intent to feel lifted by the glory of Jesus prevailing, but I thank you and all that open your hearts to my family in my call for my parents healing. May Jesus richly bless you! Thank you!

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